From Yuhang Rong Design Library — Guest Designer Plan:

1.What is “guest designer”?

       From Yuhang Rong Design Library encourage global designers to come to Yuhang and make research of    Chinese tradition craft and material. So every month we invite 3 guest designers to stay in the Design Library to make their own work basic on Chinese traditional material. The Library will offer designer the material sample,working space,accommodation and communication with thecraft workshop. All the right of the work belong to designer himself. The Library only has right to exhibit the work.

2.Craft of the month

  Every month we focus on one Chinese traditional craft.

  August : Bamboo Flute.

  September : Paper umbrella.

  October : enamel.

  November : Traditional Craft visiting

  December : Traditional Craft visiting

3.What does Design Library offer to the guest designer?

  ·Working space in Design Library for one month;

  ·The room for one person living one month;

  ·Chinese traditional material Library support the material samples;

  ·Visiting the craft workshop and communication with the craft workshop.

4.What does guest designer do?

  ·Research for the Chinese craft;

  ·Finish design work during the month and leave one work to the design library.

5. Schedule :

  September : Paper Umbrella Month

  8th September : Designer arrive in Hangzhou, move in designer's flat.

  10th-11th September: Visiting Paper Umbrella craft workshop.

  12th September: Bamboo Flute Designer's Party

  14th-18th September : Design concept

  21th September - 30th September : Making the sample in Paper Umbrella workshop

  1st October : Work publishing & Designer's Speech

October: Enamel Month

  6th October : Designer arrive in Hangzhou, move in designer's flat.

  7th October : Move in Library's Office

  8th October : Visiting Enamel Factory

  9th October : Design Concept , in Library

  12th October : Enamel Factory

  13th October : Bamboo Flute workshop and Bamboo weaving workshop visting 

  14th-16th October : Enamel Factory, Start first samples

  19th October : Design Library

  20th October : Handwork Factory visiting

  21th-30th October : Making the sample in Enamel Factory

  2nd-5th November : Final sample finish

  6th November : Exhibition setup

  7th November :  Exhibition , work publishing and Designer's Speech

November : 

  9th November : Designer arrive in Hangzhou, move in designer's flat.

  10th November : Move in Library's Office

  11-12th November: Craft workshop visting(Bamboo Flute, Bamboo Weaving, Enamel,Bamboo Paper)

  13th November: Yuhang handwork factory visiting

  16-27th November : From design concept to Prototype in Design Library

  29th November :  Work publishing & Designer's Speech

December : 

  27th November : Designer arrive in Hangzhou, move in designer's flat

  28th November : Move in Library's Office

  29th November : November guest designer's Work publishing & Designer's Speech 

  30th November-2nd December :Craft workshop visting(Bamboo Flute, Bamboo Weaving, Enamel,Bamboo Paper)

  3rd December : Yuhang handwork factory visiting

  4th-18th December : From design concept to Prototype in Design Library

  20th December :  Work publishing & Designer's Speech

6.How to apply to be the guest designer of the Design Library?

  Please send your CV and work portfolio to

  The deadline of November is 25th September.

  The deadline of December is 20th October.  

Contact : Liang Yan +86 188 0192 0271 Wuchangdadao No.156 ,Yuhang, Hangzhou, China

August 2015 : Bamboo Flute


    Chinese bamboo flute is the most popular instrument. Bamboo flute produced in southern Chinese regions such as Yuhang Hangzhou. There are more than 100 bamboo flute workshops in Zhongtai Yuhang. Like Ding Zhigang craft man is from Yuhang , has started his career when he was 16. By far he has got 28 years' experience in crafting bamboo flute.

    It takes almost 40 procedures to create a bamboo flute. Setting the tone is the key procedure of crafting bamboo flute and it relies on the size and inner diameter of the bamboo chosen. 

September 2015 : Paper Umbrella 

    Making a paper umbrella requires at least 70 steps to produce a well crafted oil paper umbrella. In general the paper umbrella process can be divided into four main steps:

    Firstly, bamboo is selected. Secondly, The bamboo is crafted and soaked in water. It is then dried in the sun, drilled, threaded and assembled into a skeleton. Thirdly, Paper is cut and glued onto the skeleton. It is trimmed, oiled, and exposed to sunlight. Lastly, patterns are painted onto the umbrella. 

    Production requires skilled hands and technique as well as personal experience. Training to become a master in oil paper umbrella manufacture requires an apprenticeship and a great deal of practice. The tools are made by professional blacksmiths. Ms Dai, a master of weaving umbrellas from Yuhang .The tool in use is succeeded from Dai’s mother-in-law,who gave it to Dai as a wedding gift.

    50 years ago ,the output of Yuhang Paper Umbrella amounted to 500 thousand a year.



October 2015 : Enamel 

    Enamel is mainly consists of metal and glaze . The main process of making the product is that making the shape of metal , glazing it , then burning it in the stove .

    Bolu Enamel Factory is since 1983, which is Located in the riverside of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. In this year , “FLEKA” tables were made in there by PINWU designer , which was exhibited in Milano Design weeks .